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PUT TO SHAME are a band formed with 
members who live in the surrounding areas of 
Guelph, Burlington, and Acton. Mark Davidson, 
formerly in HOCKEY TEETH and BRUTE 
CREATION is on vocals. His old roomaie Craig, 
who used to play in TENSION plays bass. Jeremy, 
Roddy, and Anthony live in Guelph and fill out 
the rest of the roster. They play in another band 

Can you tell me what bands you were 

previously in ? 


Craig (C): TENSION and an old band called the 


Roddy (R): CENTRIFUGE and a brief stint in 

IRON MAIDEN and I used to play in 


Bortz (B): Used to play in CENTRIFUGE. 

Mark (M): I used to play in HOCKEY TEETH 

and way back in the 80's a band called BRUTE 

CREATION. BRUTAL as it has come to be 


Can you tell us about how PUT TO SHAME 

formed ? 

M: PUT TO SHAME formed by .... HOCKEY 

TEETH was going through some - get together, 

not together - kind of crap so I approached Craig 

to play in HOCKEY TEETH for bass and he 

wasn't really comfortable with it. I never brought 

him in to that band at that time. When HOCKEY 

TEETH broke up, I approached Craig finally and 

got (ired of sitting at home watching the kiddies 

and we formed a band called LEMMY's MOLES 

with Derek Dykeman and Terry Prilula (Sp?) 

and we played one show at the El Mo and things 

didn't work out and then Craig took it from there. 

C: A couple of guys in Guelph had been bugging 

me to start a band with them. One was Drew, 

which was our old 

drummer and Rod who 

is sitting here today. So 

we got together with 

them. I think we played 

one or two shows with 

Drew and he decided to 

bow out because 

playing live wasn't his 

thing and Rod knew 

Bortz and we asked 

Bortz to join the 

sinking ship and this is where we are at today. Oh 

and Jeremy was a replacement for another guitar 

player that we had who got himself a girlfriend 

and we have never heard from him since. 

M: Yeah, Yoko was her name, I think {laughter). 

What was the initial idea behind the band? 

Mark, I think I saw you at a show once and 

we were talking when this group was 

starting and you said you wanted it to sound 


M: Can you tell me what I wanted it to sound like 

because I know what it sounds like now. 


M; The whole premise behind the behind for me 

is meet lots of people, have lots of fun, and play 

before I get in the wheelchair. Other than that, 

that is about it. 

C: I am basically the same thing. I just want to get 

out there and play and meet people, travel around 

abit, play with other cool bands that ! like. 

M: And as you know, we basically used to meet at 

shows and so the 8G's 

sounds kind of thing is 

what we grew up on and 

that's kind of where it has 

come back to. 

It definitely has. Who 

do you consider 

influences on the band 

? i can hear things and 

I have heard you 

describe ...J asked you 

about what other 

people have described you like ? 

M: I am not sure if I agree with them from what 

I am told and it really doesn't matter. 

Dude, you sound like Chi Fig. 

M: Arc you serious ? 

You totally do. You sound like the singer 

from SNFU. 

M: Cool because 1 love Chi Pig. Thanks. That's a 

compliment in my eyes. 

C: That's better than the MINOR THREAT 

reference you always gel. 

M: Yeah, we usually get the MINOR THREAT 


it's because you hold the notes. 

M: Except for when I am like cracker jack. 

Arrghhhh. Who do we sound like? Anything 80's 

to me is what we sound like and I think we just 

sound like PUT TO SHAME. Sometimes the ■ 

^ubcaps are on, sometimes they fall off. 

What have people said about your sound ? 

M: Okay, references would be a cross between 
SNFU, Ray from KILL 
YOUR IDOLS, that's 
who said SNFU meets 
don't know. We have 
had the MINOR 
THREAT thing, we've 
had the CRO-MAGS 
comparison. Some guy 
in Guelph came up to us 
and said "1 hope this 
isn't an insult but you 

guys sound like CRO-MAGS" and that's cool 


C: I don't hear that myself. 

M: Basically, if you can find an identity in 

anything we are doing that's cool because it 

obviously means that you are listening to that 

kind of music and your finding something that 

works for you and you are pulling it out of our 

band. ! am okay with that. 

Can you teil me what bands are you 

listening to and bringing into the sound of 

like a lot of the Canadian stuff that is coming out 
who are not around anymore, CLASS ASSASSINS, 
R10T99, lots of stuff that is coming out. 
More oriented to the '77 style.... 
J: To some degree, that's getting kind of popular 
again, but 1 mean there is lots of great stuff coming 
out now that is all over the place. 

There is a lot of stuff 
out west like 


another amazing band, 
- they have one of the 
best CDs 1 have ever 

M: I never got out of the 
80's so 1 started listening to a lot of the Far crap 
and Epitaph crap just because 1 love guitar 
oriented bands, so hoof me in the balls for that, 
but other than that 1 have been listening to the 
ULCER / DIRTY BIRD split 12" in the car because 
they rock. I just love local stuff. I listen to 
everything and there is nothing that I won't listen 
to, certainly at least five limes before 1 say 1 
can't take it. Local bands that I am listening to 
and that I love to play with and are definitely 
friends would be ARMED & HAMMERED, 
CLASS. We haven't had the chance to play with 
RIOT99 yet but there is e-mails back and forth 
and there is a whole load of bands that all want to 
play with us, not because of who we are just because 
they want to play too and they will obviously 
have never heard anything that we have done, 
but the fact that they want to get off their asses 
and play I don't need to hear MP3's, I don't 
need to go to websites, I just want to play and if 
you have that same drive and motivation to get 
off the fuckin' chair then that's really all I need. 
I don't need to hear the music. 
C: I kind of like everything from L.A. punk to 
grind to.... I love the BATTALION OF SAINTS, 
I picked up a record a couple of weeks ago from 
Deranged by OUT COLD and I just love that 
record. A buddy from mine from Wales in a band 
called IN THE SHIT played with them, did a tour 
of the States with them, did a tour of Scotland 
and England and he was the one who e-mailed me 
and said you have got to check out these guys, so 
I saw the ad and I thought "I gotta get that" and 
it was available and it was fantastic. Plus I like ail 
the local bands that we have played with. 
MURDERSQUAD, 1 like them - I just like that 
DISORDER sort of sound. I like anything. As 
long as it is three chords and is fast as hell, then 
it's right up my alley. 
B: I like all the heavy stuff. Whatever. 
B: No we will cross METAL1CA off. 

METALUCA has got 

to get off that list, man. 

They have got to get rid 

of those dead ass albums. 

I like SLAYER, 

BIOHAZARD...all your 

heavy stuff, that's what 

I'm into. 

R: 1 am influenced by 

everything around me. 

(people start clapping 

and shouting "Good 

Answer" in that Family Fued way). You are 

influenced in a positive and negative way by 

different things like say you hear CELiNE DION 

or something it influences you in a negative way, 

like you decide you do not like that I want to hurt 

people that like that. 

M: "Titanic" was my favourite movie, man. 


R: Well, I am going to have to hurt you later on 

then. No, I don't know. The stuff I like is loud and 


M: You like the DESCENDENTS, lets just put it 

that way. 

R: and the RAMONES and this and that... 

We need you to give some descriptors without 

sounding like a hippy.... Can you tell me 

about the story about the name PUT TO 

SHAME. Where does that come from ? 

Where did the idea for the name come from? 

Is there significance behind the name ? 

M: On the level, people have left the band because 

of the name and it's a dumb name when you look 

at in the context of punk rock. It just sucks, but 


Not really because you can Eook at it as a 

metaphor for being scapegoated as a punk... 

M: Okay. 

...but I am just wondering if there is a story 

behind the name.... 

M: Well yeah. The true definition of PUT TO 

SHAME is kind of's got a double meaning so 

its either a positive or negative. You can put 

somebody to shame and that means you have 

excelled and you have done very well for yourself. 

The flipside of the coin of that means the person 

you have done well against or team has not and it 

can be a negative in that light. That was basically 

the thing. 1 mean, not that this band ever kind of 

became and followed the name. The name was 

already there as the band kind of went, but it has 

fit in perfectly with the band because some nights 

we seem to be on and some nights we just play 

really crappy and sloppy-core. If we could coin a 

phrase - I don't know if there is such a thing as 

sloppy-core, but we would be proud to take that 

label cuz some nights we are shit and that's right 

on. So some nights we are great, in our minds, and 

you know it seems to have a double meaning 

but as we go along, he 
is continuing to mix it 
and make it to what 
would make us pretty 
happy with how we 
sound. The idea will be 
a simple cheap 6 song, 
'we bum it', 'you pay 
for it'. is just 
something to sell and 
give away at shows. 
C: Something cheap 
that we can get our sound and name out there. 
Are the other songs going to go to 
something or will a label put it out or are 
you not happy with those songs? 
M: No, no, no, we are happy with the songs. 
Maybe Roddy should answer this. 
R: We put this out and see how it goes. 
C: The other material will see the light of day... 
R: It will come out eventually, but I just want to 
....I've got new software to mix with and I was 
all messed in the head and I was trying to get my 
head around that, so it's progressed slowly and 1 
am sort of getting to the point that there is just 
a tittle more E.Q. here and it will be done. So 
once those 6 are done 1 can put the rest of the 
songs in ....that's what I have been telling the 
rest of them. 

M: All I know is that we recorded it the week 
before Christmas and we are still mixing it. 
R: Hey so, I'm learning. 
M: 6 songs. 

Can you tell me about the lyrics ? What 
are some of your song titles and how do 
they reflect your lyrics ? 
M: As I was telling you before, 1 played in 
HOCKEY TEETH and there was some silly 
songs but it seemed as it went along that it got 
very serious and somewhat political so the idea 
to get in this band and play again was just to be 
a 'goof in some regards and be yourself and 
have fun, but not have any boundaries and 
restraints as to how you write lyrically, so there 
are some silly fun songs and there are some 
certainly serious songs. "Put to Shame" is a loss 
of identity song and trying to find oneself. I 
have a wife and three kids at home and I play in 
a punk rock band and I grab my balls and I rub 
Roddy's baseball cap down my groin and then I 
put it back on his head and stupid things like 
that. Well most of my friends are doctors, lawyers 
and they are doing very serious things, I just 
can't seem to relate to that and focus. I seem to 
focus my life and everything else into getting 



extension of the weekly radio show heard on 
CiUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 10:00pm 
'til midnight (Hosts: Martin Farkas, Simon Harvey, 
Stephe Perry, and Mark Rodenhizer). 

The show dedicates itself lo the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particular emphasis on Internationa! releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind, burning spirits, garage and Killed 
By Death scenes, which means we play 
material like the The Attack, Al! Tensed Up, 
XFilesX, Deadstare, Inepsy, Kill-a-Watts, or the 
Fast Cars. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 1 retrospective look at 
new releases. 

Equalizitig-X- Distort 

CIUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 Si. George Street, 

Toronto, ON 

M5S 2E8 


Request Line: (416} 946-7000 




CIUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 

Top 10 Hardcore Releases 

for May 2002 

into the pit, so that's kind of that. And then there is other serious songs iike 

"Love Can Be Murder" which is a spousal abuse song, which is very serious. 

It is about a giri, a nineteen year old, that was murdered by her ex-boyfriend 

and her mom goes around to high schools in Oakville and Burlington and 

that kind of thing and does speeches about abuse and what it is all about. 

There is quite a gamete there, a very broad spectrum that we go from one 

end to the other and can have fun with it at the same time. 

Can you tell me what your favourite song is from a lyrical 

standpoint and why ? 

M: No. I don't have one that stands out. They all mean something in its 

own different way. 

Is there one that you are particular proud of or think you nailed in 

terms of getting the point across.... 

M: Ummm, no. 1 think they all speak for themselves and I am very proud 

of that. If there is one song that 1 think that is goofy is the song called 

"Flippantly Ascertaining" and it's basically about how people get into 

something. They try it 

out. They get a little 

teaser. And then they 

jump ship. They go 

around'preaching for 

their five minutes and 

then they jump and 

they move onto 

something else and 

they keep trying to find 

themselves within 

whatever they are 

getting into. Lyrically, it means everything to me, but if 1 were to stand 

back from the song and read it from someone else's point of view, 1 think 

it is a really crappy song. 

Docs anyone else in the band know any lyrics ? 

M: No. Actually it is kind of funny. In HOCKEY TEETH everybody knew 

the lyrics. Everybody that came to the show, everybody in the band seemed 

to know the lyrics, and I thought that that maintained in this band because 

I have a tendency to accentuate the note and the wording. 

You can understand what you are singing..., 

M: Yeah. So when we play live, this friend of ours, Mark from Hamilton, he 

plays in the CHIKO MAKI FUNK ROCK EXPERIENCE, and we were 

playing the Corktown one night and he goes you guys definetly have to put 

a lyric sheet in there because I can't understand a bloody word your saying. 

And i thought, "That is kind of interesting because 1 have always been told 

otherwise, and seen people singing our songs and knowing the words and it 

may just be because we don't have anything out with the words in it, but it's 

different because it's faster and there is a lot more distortion. 

...but it is amazing and I can see a lot of people linger pointing and 

getting into it. How can people get in touch with Put to Shame ? 

C: We have a F.O. Box but the numbers are not so easy to remember. 

M: I do everything by e-mail basically. And everybody gets copies so they 

know what's going on, so 1 am not a control freaks. The e-mail address is 

P u and we have a website at 

Arc there any last comments ? 

C: Thanks for letting us play. 

M: Great to see Simon "Lawnmower" Harvey. 1 have a question. Are you 

familiar with whats going on in clubs when....! know you have been in many 

bands and you are starting a new band, but what's with the "pay-to-play" 

thing. If you are playing the Kathedrai or the Reverb, why do you have to 

pay money. Is the bar not getting 100% of the bar sales and should the band 

not get the door ? If the band wasn't playing that club, the bar would not 

making any money, so why would we give some of the money that those 

bands are going out and working their tales off to play, why are they dipping 

into their coffers ? 

I think it is ridiculous and I don't want to be in a position to defend 

club owners, so I agree with you. I think it is really stupid. 

C: It is totally stupid. 

It is definitely something that came up from the States. It is a 

phenomenon that happened in California first and I think some 

club owners got a hold of the idea that this is how we are going to 

make more money off bands and it is ridiculous. 

C: Like bands have lots of money to throw around.... 

M: As if they don't make enough off the bar. 

I think it is ridiculous. You are right. It is a good point. 

C: 1 would like to say "Hi" to my daughter Kennedy, who I hope is in bed 

right now. 

Anti-Difrancos, The "Kill the Bastards" CD 

This is not a misogynist anti-dyke band, as their 

name might suggest. On the contrary, well written 

progressive lyrics from an anarchist perspective 

seem to set this band apart from the masses. With 

critiques of Bush ("A Burning Bush now would truly 

be a sign from God"), to sober revolution 

("Something to Gain") this band develops the circle 

'A' tradition into something more approachable. As for their music, it is 

incredibly raw sounding hardcore thrash. They do borrow some pop punk 

song structures, but nothing to drastic to define the sound. The songs are 

much faster, shorter, and far more pissed off than pop punk is. They do 

covers of early 7 SECONDS and FUCK ON THE BEACH if that gives any 

clues as to their sound. ..much different than this pop punk tangent. The 

ANTI-DIFRANCOS are like listening to MARILYN'S VITAMINS meets 

TEAR IT UP, if that makes any sense at ail. 

(Poisoned Candy Records / F.O. Box 9263 / Missoula, MT / 59807 / USA) 

@patia No / RASH split ep 

The first track by @PATIA NO sounds like some 

fuzzed out classic similar to the G.I.S.M. track off 

the "P.E.A.C.E." comp. The rest of their side is 

stripped down CRUDOS thrash with dual vocals, 

pissed temperment, and the political expression to 

back it up. This is fuckin raging shit. RASH are no 

slouches either. They are the Latin American thrash 

incarnation of BORN AGAINST. The vocals are unmistakably early Sam 

McPheeters. And the guitar riffs sound like a page from Adam Nathanson's 

sound. They just seem to thrash more. Both sides are equally good in their 

own right representing the essence of punk. Get this.... 

(Desobediencia Records / Manuel Ramirez / P.O. Box 126 / Seguin, TX / 

78156 / USA / e-mail: 

Awakened, The / Breed Extinction split LP 
THE AWAKENED play emo-violence similar to 
that of GUYANA PUNCH LINE, but without the 

sense of humour. The vocals have that death metal 
whisper a la ACRID. There are brief electronics 
which bring a CWV / LOCUST feel to the sound. 

The music largely fits the screamo temper tantrums template with the odd 
flowery intros that eventually get blown away by the main structure of the 
song. But there is so much in terms of complexity that their side is somewhat 
captivating. I found myself listening to this mesmerized by the twists and 
turns. BREED/EXTINCTION is a bit more moodier and introspective for 
my liking although I do love the hate America transmissions that appear as 
one of the breaks. 

Balzac / Misfits "Don't Open 'til Doomsday" 


MISFITS like they never skipped a beat. Dez 

Cadena, formerly of BLACK FLAG does the Danzig 

impersonations and pretty well. Marky Ramone is 

on drums, so this is the all-star version that was 

touring live. It sounds great with all the ghoulish 

howling and creepy melody. BALZAC are Japan's 

version of the MISFITS, right down to the skeleton costumes and so this 

was a likely matching. BALZAC have been around for a little while now, so 

this is long overdue, except that the MISFITS really didn't function as a 

band while BALZAC were around. Although, I am sure it is quite a thrill to 

put out a split with the band that is your existence, it must also be kind of 

weird as the band that you pay homage to has risen from the dead and come 

back to haunt you (pun intended). You can never live up to the original, but 

you can certainly keep the reason for doing it alive, around. 

(Diwphalanx Records / 2-3 Kanda Awajichou / 

Chiyoda-ku / Tokyo, 101-0063 / Japan) 

The Black Hand "War Monger" LP 
Radwan from IRE is the lead vocalist fronting this 
pseudo Black Metal project. This recording brings 
all the heavy introspective pieces of BORN DEAD 
ICONS, the fiat sounding production of VOORHEES 
and the heaviness of early IRE material, The 

BLACK HAND experiments with more metai than later IRE, but with less 
emphasis on the long drawn out ballad play. It is VOORHEES production, 
BORN DEAD ICONS mood, and Quebecoise metalcore. 
(Scorched earth Policy / Iristrasse 19 / 67067 Ludwigshafen / Germany) 

Class Assassins "State of Emergency" CD 

Politically conscious, melodic streetpunk the way 

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS write them. It's great to 

see this from a bunch of guys who have been this 

for a while in former bands like DIRECT ACTION, 


For folks not from Toronto, you may not realize 

that these bands span generations of hardcore in 

our little scene. That is incredible on it's own. But nothing in comparison to 

how great this sounds. The soccer style back ups - singing about revolution, 

class justice, and anti-racism is refreshing. Their politics are on the line and 

not hidden behind vague lyrics. It reminds me of ANGELIC UPSTARTS in 

that up-front nature. I really hope this makes waves in that chaos punk 

scene, because it would be good to see this scene politicized in a progressive 


{Insurgence Records / 2 Bloor Street W. suite 100-104 / Toronto, ON / 

M4W 3E2) 

Crucial Unit "Moshzilla" ep 

Incredible diversity for a grindy, power violence 

band. They have the sense of humour of ST1KKY, 

the samples of SPAZZ, and the sheer fire power of 

ISOCRACY. Their lyrics demonstrate an incredible 

ability for being in tune with things poking fun at 

freegans, the Columbus-fest, race traitor, and paying 

homage to the prankform known as teabagging. 

And there's a fuckin' TEEN IDLES cover on here. This record rules in 

supreme ways. 

(de la mente / P.O. Box 7183 / Pittsburgh, PA / 15213 / USA) 

Dead Ones, The "The Busted Heads" ep 

A slightly accoustic sounding version of DS-I3 with 

all the raw get-up-and-go riffs and a screamy throaty 

set of pissed off vocals, similar to Jerry from 

POISON IDEA. Many of the songs sound like they 

could have been recorded at Inner Ear as missing 

MINOR THREAT sessions during their first 2 - 7"s 

period. This is an aside note, the song "Army of 

Fools" has a BUZZCOCKS riff that sounds like it was lifted straight out of 

"Autonomy", which is weird because the overall charcacter of this recording 

is defined by it's pace, as opposed to tunefulness. Overrall, this is righteous, 

anthemic, circle dancing hardcore. Flip those lids and skank. 

(Busted Heads / Box 275 / 901 06 Umea / Sweden) 

Dudman "Fu Hatsu Dann Otoko" ep 

Pummeling grind in the vein of DROP DEAD with 

a heavy STOMPEDE (read review below) bass 

sound, and a tendency to slip into galloping hardcore 

a la the DEAD ONES (read review above). There 

are some similarities to early SPAZZ in sound and 

they use martial arts film samples. Their ability to 

incorporate odd timed parts at a moments notice 

and all make it sound natural reminds me of NO COMMENT. In fact, the 

more that I think about it, DUDMAN are the perfect blend of power 

violence and skate thrash. This recording overmodulates, but the effect 

Bowie's "Suffraggette City" also provide hints into the influences of the 
Velvet Goldmine, but the FAST CARS were not from the glam scene. They 
were a mix of the punk scene that came out of Manchester and inspired the 
likes of XTC and the BUZZCOCKS. The song "Things You Do" has that 
Feargal Sharkey UNDERTONES sound, but the lyrics have to be an ode to 
the BUZZCOCKS ("I really like the things you do, I wanna do it too"). The 
vocals of Steve Murray in most of their songs sounds like Pete Shelley. The 
bouncy bass lines are replicas from the various singles. And it doesn't help 
that they take their name from a BUZZCOCKS song. But we would be a lot 
poorer without gems like "The Kids Just Wanna Dance". And 
"Coming. ..Ready or Not" unearths a few other greats like "Everyday I 
make Another Mistake", "You're so Funny", "Please, please, please", and 
"I'm All Right". I'm soooo happy this material was finally released. 
(Detour records / P.O. Bo 18 / Midhurst, West Sussex / GU29 9YU / England) 

Fat Day "Smell Me silly!" ep 

I have always loved FAT DAY. They are off the 

wall. There songs remind me of complicated groups 

from the bands like VICTIM'S FAMILY and 

THTNBRED, but their production is lo-fi and more 

approachable. The bass lines remind me of NO 

MEANS NO. The goofy sense of humour shines 

through and makes you want to go out there and 

start bands like STIKKY or KWIKWAY. Their material reminds me of 

"Turn It Around" era hardcore. Fuck, these guys could be the ISOCRACY 

impersonators. And the electronics hint at a 

COMB ATWOUNDED VETERAN sound. They may not be all about these 

influences, but their sound has a wide cross appeal. FAT DAY are back. 

(HG Fact / 401 hongo-M / 2-36-2 Yayoi-Cho / Nakano-Ku / Tokyo 164 / 


Haymaker CD 

Straight forward hardcore with a heavy bottom 

end that creates an apocalyptic atmosphere. Jeff's 

SPRINGA style vocals brings new dimension to 

this style. With their background in sXe, these 

folks will use some of this song writing for window 

dressing like breakdowns to emphasize the shitty 

aspects of life. No posi message here, just an all 

out attack on religion, the government, cops, surveillance, and other 

intrusions. Coming from the "City that Burns" the cover "Burning 

Chemicals', originally done by the NUNFUCKERS, seems completely 

appropriate. There seem to be real creative punk appropriations going on 

like the songs "A Million More Dead Cops" (MDC), "Life, Love, Revenge" 

(UNBROKEN), and "From the Cradle, to the Pavement" (SUBHUMANS). 

This adopts generational thought as part of punk cultural belief structures. 

There is so much going on here. And if that doesn't impress you, maybe the 

new Pushead artwork wilt. 

(Deranged Records / P.O. Box 543, Station P / Toronto, ON / M5S 2T1) 

Last Hope LP 

Youth crew hardcore from Sweden that mixes both 

the galloping hardcore with the crunches of 

breakdown moshcore, Fortunately the mosh is used 

sparingly to add emphasis, so it's the good kind of 

mosh. The catch your breath and freak out mosh. 

And the outro at the end of side 1 "Untitled" has some melodic rifling a la 

GORILLA BISCUITS. But for the most part LAST HOPE are about playing 

fast hardcore. 1 hear influences of the "We're not in this Alone" period of 

YOUTH OF TODAY, the period when YOT were listening to SIEGE more 

would never realize that it was from a goofy morning kids show "House of 
Frightenstein". They also do a cover of C.O.C.'s "No Drunks". 
(Deranged Records / P.O. Box 543, Station P / Toronto, ON / M5S 2T1) 

Potomac double ep 

Scream-o in all the good ways that made 
ASSFACTOR 4 relevant. And they have this re- 
occurring space noise made by the guitar that creeps 
in and gives it a b-movie or SERVOTRON effect. 
But essentially this is emotion driven hardcore that 
seems more influenced by CRISPUS ATTUCKS 
than PROMISE RING. This could have easily been 
a record released in ebullition's catalogue or something from Mountain 
Records, it is gut wrenching without being gutless from a musical impact 
standpoint. It is screaming without sounding monotonous. This German 
outfit has fine tuned scream-o. 
(Hombre Lobo Records / Postfach 10 31 17 / 60101 Frankfurt / Germany) 

Saturation "Beware the Living" LP 

Total VOORHEES worship. Flat sounding vocals 

with a blistering fast pace, and tight as fuck song 

structures. Comparisons to INFEST are inevitable, 

but judging by the cover artwork and lyrical content 

DROP DEAD would be more appropo. Blistering 

fast, white knuckle-core pulling inspirations of the 

grind period of power violence and blended with 

some of the MOTORHEAD underbelly that BORN 

DEAD ICONS throw into their sound. But this is so much like that tear your 

face off stuff that VOORHEES did. 

(Saturation / P.O. Box 463, Station C / Montreal, QC / H2L 4K4 / Canada 

/ sa( 

Second Age "The Tides have Turned" CD 

Some great posi sXe from Poland in the vein of 


BISCUITS influence. For the most part this is high 

energy youth crew with some serious depth to their 

lyrical matter, raising challenges on sexism, 

tradition, and population growth with optimism. 

There are times when it caroons into melodic 

riffage the way Biscuits wrote those melodic emo parts, but it sounds 

completely natural. It is awesome to see something so good and progressive 

coming from Poland, as this kind of material has been restricted to places 

like the Netherlands. The added bonus is a cover of "Break Down the 

Walls", which is pretty much a replica of the original. 

(Refuse Records / P.O. Box 7 / 02-792 Warszawa 78 / Poland) 

Scholastic DetEi "Revenge of the Nerds" ep 
Max Ward, the guy usually behind the drum kit, 
gets a chance at singing and it sounds great, 
Advocating reason and knowledge makes so much 1 
sense ("Book Attack" and "Kill 'em with politics"). 
The music is blazing fast, mid 80's revival skate 
■ thrash. The songs are so well written and the sing 
along in "Revenge of the Nerds" rules. All originals 

because it doesn't need to rely on covers. I have heard that SD are no longer 
and have one more recording coming out, so soak it in while you can. The 
affiliation with nerds, the advocacy for reason, and new righteous 
skate anthems makes this something you'll need to have. 
(625 Productions / P.O. Box 423413 / San Francisco, CA / 94142- 
3413 / USA) 

Stompedc "Jo Anny Te" ep 

New school Japanese hardcore with an overiding 

heaviness. The bass lines are very pronounced in a 

MOTORHEAD sort of way and sets the pace for 

something that barrels along at the various paces 

of chug and speedy skate thrash. I am not too sure 

what to make of this all, but it is good and draws on 

a number of hardcore influences that don't have 

just one scene affiliation, I will say this though, the song "Drunk 48" sounds 

like Ian MacKaye singing in that DS-I3 sort of way. And I get the impression 

that there is an SOA influence, but you have to listen for it because they 

have a pretty huge sound in terms of production. This has some cool new 

Pushead artwork, comes on red marble vinyl and the card stock is thick. No 

scrimpin' with this project. This will be a collectors item. 

(Badman c/o Martin Cesky / Nebrehovice 7 / 386601 Strakonice / Czech 


Youth Riot "Burn Glendora to the Ground" ep 

Very scrappy mid-tempo sounding hardcore. It's 

rough and full of personality with songs about their 

local scene. My favourite title is "Abandoning the 

ranks of the Living Dead". They kind of remind 

me of a slower version of the CIRCLE JERKS. In 

fact, the vocalist sounds like a cut from the Keith 

Morris mold. 

(Captain Wiley Records / P.O. Box 95 / Los Alamitos, CA / 90720 / USA) 

Various Artists "Candy Ass" LP 

This is a half decent Japanese comp with lots of 

variety, but a tendency towards fastcore. IDOL 


and RAZOR'S EDGE deliver the bandanas. For fans 

of RAZOR'S EDGE (like I am), I have not heard this recording before, It is 

a lot rougher with tons more feedback and prominent back up group choruses. 

It is fuckin' awesome sounding for them and they do and F.U.'s cover as an 

added bonus. And contrary to what ABESTIE BOYS name suggests, they 

drop some awesome mid-80's skate thrash. GWASHI, on the other hand, 

have a loungy trip hop number which seems completely out of place with 

the rest of this comp. SLAPPING BIKINI wear their influences on their 

sleeve with a tribute to 'Nardcore'. D.O.F.J. do some uninspired hardcore in 

comparison to some of their other comp contributions. Although I am not 

a huge fan of pop punk, SPREAD deliver two SNUFF inspired numbers that 

dominate this genre (pop punk) of the Japanese scene. Great sing-alongs 

and quirkiness to give them personality. Overall, I dig this comp. 

(Specialized Fact / 4-28-39 / Minami-horie / Nishi-ku / Osaka 550-0015 / 


Various Artists "Maximaai Onthaal" CD 

A benefit comp raising awareness around the Dutch 

monarchy and the connection to a marriage of an 

Argentinian dictator's daughter. Although it sounds 

like a soap opera it is a very serious matter regarding 

democracy and proceeds from this comp are being 

raised for humanitarian organizations set up to assist 

families who have had members go missing during the period of the junta. 

AH dutch bands here getting behind the cause. All the greats like SEEIN'RED, 

HUMAN ALERT, and BREZHNEV are found here. But the new school of 

political sXe bands like VITAMIN X, REACHING FORWARD, MIHOEN, 

BETERCORE, and MILKMAN are also found here. New bands from this 

comp to get excited about include : LIFE FAST DIE YOUNG and ALL 

TENSED UP for new school thrash revivalists, SKULLS AND FLAMES 

and MAKILADORAS for fans of youth crust, PCP and FIRE IT UP for 

grind crew enthusiasts, and SHIKARI for emo-viofence fans. The sample of 

the SEX PISTOLS at the beginning of the BETERCORE track is sheer 

genius. Get a peek into how great and focused the Dutch scene is in it's 

ability to come together over something important. 

(Royal Blood / e- mail: 

A great zine with a focus on the Newmarket 
zine done by Spencer of the METALEDD1ES, 
premier issue features an interview with 
Christian Cannibal of of LD50, a recent 
interview with members from the 
legendary SUDDEN IMPACT (part 1), 
a catcher in the Rye essay, THROW 
AWAYS trading cards, and a bio from 
Bemie Punkass . 

To order a copy send $2.00 ppd in care of 
Spencer Schliep / 373 Dixon Blvd./ Newmarket Ont, / L3Y 5C5 

The Pac-Men "Unauthorized" CD-R - featured 
on the May 5 th program 

THE PAC-MEN are from Connecticut, Danbury 
to be exact. It's a piace that has some history in 
developing an east coast sound. But THE PAC- 
MEN have an eariy West Coast American hardcore 
sound. They sound very similar to the CIRCLE 
JERKS during the "Group Sex" period. The 
recording is a bit rough sounding and was recorded in the drummer's basement 
in March of this year. 

(THE PAC-MEN / P.O. Box 4468 / Danbury, CT / 06813-4468 / USA / e- 

Ballast - featured on May 12th program 

BALLAST are a five-piece from Montreal. The 

band features former members of LUMPEN 

PROLETARIAT. They re-located out in Vancouver 

and have since moved back only to break up. The 

bass player is hopeful that they will get back 

together. Their music is stripped down hardcore 

with that borrows straight forward thrash sounds 

from the mid-80's. They dress up some of their 

songs with a soft ballad intro to one song and they 

use some syncopated parts in another that reminds 

me of emo bands like SHOTMAKER. This is a great recording and very 

refreshing sounding. And the demo conies complete with a lyric booklet 

and a hand silk-screened poster. 

{1247 St. Timothee / Montreal, QC / H2L 3N5 / Canada) 

17th Class "Here's Your Pancakes" demo- 
featured on May 19th program 
17th CLASS are from Rochester, NY and play a 
sloppy sounding style of thrash similar to MELEE 
or CAREER SUICIDE. It is from the ANGRY 
SAMOANS school of hardcore. The demo is double 
sided and they do a faster, siopper version of 
"Blitzkrieg Bop" on one side, a cover of "Got a 
Brain" (FARTZ) and "1 Turned into a Martin" 
(MISFITS) on the other. I think the MISFITS are 
an influence lyrically as some of their song titltes 
are things like "Graverobbers from Outer Space", 
and "Fiends in the Night". The song "Invasion of 
Old Glory" is hilarious with the rendition of Old Glory at the beginning. 
(23 Alger Drive / Rochester, NY / 14624 / USA) 

XShip WreckX - featured on May 26th program 

xSHIPWRECKx are a group from Southern 

Ontario. The bass player was in OXBAKER. The 

drummer was in VINCENT BLACKSHADOW. And 

Matt is originally from Cobourg, puts out the zines 

Taint and now Mosh Yankee and has been in this thing forever. He finally 

steps up to a mic. At times he reminds me of the singer from SHITFIT. His 

voice of gruff and he growis when he sings. The drummer has a galloping 

sound when not playing a breakdown. The music has a plodding feel. The 

production is flat the way all the great VOORHEES recordings sound. There 

are back up vocals. And the messages hint at luddite takes on the computer 

("Messagebored"), and work ("40 hours/40 years"), smoking at shows ("Can 

1 Borrow a lung?"), and cop violence ("Gun + Badge = Attitude Problem"). 

1 am also super happy that this was recorded in the basement studio at 


(2 Stewart Street, Unit 202 I Toronto, ON / M5V 1H6) 

Scurvy Dogs - featured on June 2nd program 

SCURVY DOGS are a chaotic thrash band from 

San Francisco with a drive towards energy in their 

sound. It has that "screaming for change" urgency 

the way LIMP WRIST does. But the overall sound 

is chaotic sounding in a CRUDOS sort of way. The 

vocals are high pitched urgings a la Erba in GSMF. 

Alt originals and it's fuckin' great. 

(530 Divisadero #210 / San Francisco, CA / 941 17 / USA) 

' fljjggsfo 

The Lumps "Ass Suicide of Crunchy Nachos" Demo - featured on June 9th 

The name suggests a band in the garage-vein, but this book should not be 
read by it's cover. The band plays a flurry of blast-beat manicness that 
borrows heavily from grind-core and youth crew, equally. THE LUMPS 
remind me of CHARLES BRONSON for the most part, but they also 
remind me of the emerging Dutch youth crust scene in bands like 
pummelling and fast and crew-ish in an ultra intense way. 
(1300 N. Douty / Hanford, CA / 93230 / USA) 

Deadfall CD-R - featured on June 16th program 
This DEADFALL recording is a live 4-track 
recording done in someone's house. It has that live 
basement sound. The review that 1 have read likens 
this to early 7 SECONDS and i would say that is 
accurate if you take only speed into consideration. 
It is lo-fi and thin sounding but carries a variety of 
themes from the ghoulish MISFITS like pre- 
occupation with zombies to serious subjects like scene racism. 
(1600 Ortega / San Francisco, CA / 94122 / e-mail: 

The First Day - featured on June 23rd program 

THE FIRST DAY are from Vancouver and piay a 

very precision I ike jazz-punk similar to NO MEANS 

NO. It is very Eno-esque, as in KING CRIMSON, 

but from a punk perspective. This is 14 song CD is 

self-released by the band and has elements of emo 

and hardcore to bring the range into perspective. 

(The First Day / 830 Jackson Avenue #203 / 

Vancouver, BC / Canada / e-mail: 

Gatecrashers "Loud at Any Volume" Demo - 

featured on June 30th program 

Two members of the GATECRASHERS recorded 

this in 2001. It was practised in 3 hours and was 

suppose to be recorded a year previous. It is a little 

muddy sounding for the GATECRASHERS, but I 

think that is an indication of my generation of the copy of this tape. Not 

many were pressed, but this release lives on in tape trading circles. THE 

GATECRASHERS pick some excellent songs to cover like the F.U.'s "Trendy 

Nazi Hypocrite". They do a cover of the pre-G.I. band BEAVER, with a 

particularly pointed song about their local scene ("Georgetown Sucks"). 

The band is looking for a label to release an all covers record. On their 

many releases, they have covered other greats like the NEOS and DYS. 

This demo has a bunch of different covers demonstrating their appreciation 

for the energy of what came before. As if their SOA name couldn't give 

that away. Try and get this just for the few seconds of the FEEDERZ cover, 

but you'll love it for the utter chaos of their ANTIDOTE cover. 

(204 Belvidere Street / Nazareth, PA / 18064 / USA) 

WEDNESDAY JULY 17TH @ the Wreck Room - 276 King Street West 
(Kitchener), 9:00 pm - HAYMAKER, MUNICIPAL WASTE, 
OXBAKER, XSHIPRECKX. Info: thniiihcrfriiskiitcrock.nct . 
WEDNESDAY JULY 17TH @ Mug's Hideout, 217 W. Michigan Ave 

THURSDAY JULY 18th @ Sonic Unyon, downstairs (22 Wilson St), 
THURSDAY JULY 18th @ Mr. Muggs (ANN ARBOR), 7:00 pm - 
MUNICIPAL WASTE, DFA (from Saskatoon), RED REACTION (from 
MA), VOETSEK (all girl thrash band from CA), FEAST OR FAMINE, 
THE PROWL (from MA) 

FRIDAY JULY 19th @ the 360 - RAMMER, ADF, END IT (Detroit), 

FRIDAY JULY 19th @ Burlington YMCA, $6, 7pm - BLOODLET, 


SATURDAY JULY 20th @ The Embassy Hotel (London), 9:00 pm, 

$5.00- EGO SEED (London), THUGZ (Brantford), SUBURBAN 

UNDERDOG (Newmarket), II MINUTES AWAY (Burlington), PUT 


SATURDAY JULY 20th @ The Whippet Lounge (London) - 732 

Dundas Street, 8:00 pm, All Ages - DRUNKEN ORGY OF 


OXBAKER, ANOMA (St. Thomas) 

- Benefit for Punkfest - 

SATURDAY JULY 20th @ Spiderland Acres (moved from Falconer 



SUNDAY JULY 21ST @ CIUT, Studio 3, basement, 3:30 pm - 

OXBAKER (from St. Thomas) 

SUNDAY JULY 2IST @ CIUT, Studio 3, basement, 10:30 pm - THE 

FIRST DAY (from Vancouver) 

- Mark Rodenhizer Birthday Party - 



MONDAY JULY 22ND @ Sonic Unyon (22 Wilson St), 7pm - 



MONDAY JULY 22ND @ State Control Records - 215 N. State (ANN 



THURSDAY JULY 25th @ (Cathedral, All Ages - AGNOSTIC FRONT, 


FRIDAY JULY 26th @ the Newmarket Youth Centre (244 Main Street 

South), $4 with canned food $5 without, 6:00 pm - THE 



- Kung Fu Fridays - 

FRIDAY JULY 26TH @ Royal theatre, 9:45 pm - FILM: Operation 




WEDNESDAY JULY 31st @ State Control Records - 215 N. State 


AUGUST 3rd & 4th @ K.Y.T.E.S. (466 Bathurst Street) - DIY 

Weekend of Workshops 

Workshops on: Super 8 processing, vegan ice cream making, silk 

screening, zine making, knitting and bike repair. Hoping to include 

sessions on : pinhole cameras, photography, cooking, break dancing, 

guitar, guerilla gardening and other things. If you want to present or 

attend contact Zoe at (416) 530-7825. 



- Kung Fu Fridays - 

FRIDAY AUGUST 9T11 @ Royal theatre, 9:45 pyi - FILM: a Chinese 

Ghost Story 

SUNDAY AUGUST UTH @ the Dock's, 8:00 pm, $25.00 - MISFITS 

with Dez Cadena and Robo (BLACK FLAG), Marky Ramone (the 


TUESDAY AUGUST 13th @ State Control Records - 215 N. State 



(Baltimore), THE PROWLERS (Mtl) 

-The 5th Annual Anti-Warped Tour show - 


(Baltimore), THE PROWLERS (Mtl), DIRTY BIRD (Toronto), 


THE CLASS (Toronto) 

- Warped Tour 2002 - 

SATURDAY AUGUST I7TH @ Molson Park (Barrie) (August 14 in 


- Conflict Archives Presents - 

THURSDAY AUGUST 22ND @ Royal theatre, 9:20 pm - FILM: SURF 
II (1984) RANDALL M. BADAT— People that write about "cult 
movies" really have missed the boat (or surfboard) on this totally tubular 
classic. If you were to mix Airplane! with Beach Blanket Bingo, it would 
come out along the lines of Surf II. It seems that evil Menlo Schwartzer 
(Eddie Deezen) wants to rid the world of surfers! So he develops the evil 
Buzz (r) Cola. Not only can Buzz Cola strip the paint off a battleship or 
unclog drains, it's turning the surfers - who are forced to drink it - into 
bizarre, zombie like punk rockers! As Schwartzer and his girlfriend 
Sparkle create their army of zombie surfers, one question remains! Will 
local boys Chuck and Bob be able to uncover Schwartzers evil scheme, 
AND win the surf contest? Look out for the young Eric Stoltz before he 
made Mask. Music by Oingo Boingo and the Circle Jerks, Ron Palillo 
(Welcome Back Kotter) as "Inspector Underwear", tons of surfing, 
nudity, and the best line ever uttered on film: "You swear you were raised 
by two brown socks!" Still, the biggest joke of the movie is, there wasn't 
a Surf I! Intro by Dion Conflict, and a "Pop Guzzling" contest for prizes 
and squirt guns for early patrons so you can feel the waves, right in the 
theatre! 100% exciting summer fiim event! Surfs up!!! With Ruth Buzzi, 
Lyle Waggoner, Cleavon Little, Linda Kerridge. (USA 1984) 91 min. 

- Kung Fu Fridays - 

FRIDAY AUGUST 23RD @ Royal theatre, 9:45 pm - FILM: Kung Fu 

Kickboxer (a.k.a. Kickboxer) 


MONDAY AUGUST 26TH @ State Control Records (Ann Arbor) - 


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7TII @ Tranzac Club, from II AM - 6 PM - 





If there is a show that you know about that isn 't on this list, please 
forward it onto us at I'efitaiizinij xrfistorKtihiitt .fiii 

Some of the guys from SICK TERROR are in a Finnish influenced band 
called R11STETERROR * The FRENETICs from Montreal have abrand 
new ep out on Fans of Bad Productions with NAKATOMI PLAZA * 
Ugly Pop are talking about the release of a band from BC called HONG 
KONG BLONDE * Lengua Armada have three new releases coming 
out. The MELEE "One Way Dead End" ep, the 2nd ep by NEW 
GRENADA entitled "Fighting the Demons", and a new recording by 
PUNCH IN THE FACE. In the works are a second "Chicago is on Fire" 
with newer bands, a second "Histeria" comp with a focus on more 
international bands, and TRAGATELO which is a band that Martin 
plays drums in. He is working on a possible release of an EXCLAIM / 
FUTURES split as well as a release by ATTACK TANK from Japan. 
Rusv. husv * Wounded Paw are releasing the I INCI VILZED CD entitled 

"Street Karnage" * 
are recording for 
their first full length 
and a split ep * It 
looks like HOCKEY 
TEETH are doing a 
reunion show and 
may have sparked 
reunions by BOMB 
SHELTER and the 
The Dead Ones the pr0 cess * 

OXBAKER are recording in July for a split with the DEAD ONES from 
Sweden and a seperate split with DEMONFiLTH from Louisiana * 
SELF DEFENSE have a 10 song ep entitled "Shooting Punk Terror" 
coming out on Uncle Slam, the label run by Ernesto of LIFE'S HALT * 
the FEEDERZ "Teachers in Space" release is available again * 
VOORHEES broke up but four of the five members have a new band 
called THE HORROR and their demo is available at 
thejiorror * Tim Drew of GET WISE has joined OXBAKER as their 
new second vocalist. OXBAKER have split 7" with BATTLE 
UNICORN (Ft. Worth, Texas) on Sounds Of Revolution/Chatroom 
Jobber. A split with DEMONFILTH (Louisiana) and a split with THE 
DEAD ONES (Sweden) * 
Sounds of Betrayal is working 
CONCRETE split 10" to 
come out with MY MIND'S 
MINE (Holland) * The 
Portland super groups 
continue with a band called 
MIDNIGHT featuring 
members from ATROCIOUS 
band called HELLSHOCK that features members of DETESTATION, 
* SELFISH, from Finland, are touring North America in the Fall and 
Yannick is bringing them which means that there will be some Canadian 
dates. They may play on the radio show * The guys from the 
METALEDDIES have been a huge help with tracking down shows in 
the Newmarket area. Spencer from the band has a zine out called "I Hate 
Teenagers" which has a great interview with two guys from SUDDEN 
IMPACT (Steve and Scott) * SELF DEFENSE have a limited tour 
boxset of new material that you can get by mail ordering through the 
singer. They are $7.00 in US funds and can be obtained by writing Jeff 
Guarnieri / P.O. Box 2 It / Somers NY / 1 0589 / USA * Nate fromG/oom 
is in a new band called DEATH SQUAD and they have a demo out. they 
will be putting a plsit out with the DEAD ONERS. Gloom has released 
a new band from the Massachusetts area called PROWL, which features 
members from LAST IN LINE and RED REACTION. 

Head Hits Concrete 

FRIDAY JULY 26TH - OPERATION SCORPION , 9:45pm - Fai Yuk Su (Chin Kar Lok) is a 
young student with his head in the clouds dreaming up adventures for his martial arts comic 
books. He abruptly finds himself in a real life escapade when he rescues a servant girl from 
prostitution. With the prostitution racket being run by the tocal triad gangsters, nowhere is safe 
and Fai, with his father and the girl, find refuge at a noodle restaurant owned by seemingly mild 
mannered chef (played by 
actor/director Liu Chia Liang ot 
Thesonoflhe leader of the 
gang boss' son (Kim Won Jun} 
is a master of the deadly Scorpion style and Fai seeks the the guidance of several martial arts 
teachers who focus on different styles (including the humourous "Wok-Washing" technique) and 
eventually invents the improv "Eel" style, the results of which are an equally funny and jaw- 
dropping display of acrobatics and kinetic footwork. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 9TH - A CHINESE GHOST STORY , 9:45 pm- A traditional Chinese folktale 
brought to life and became an instant critically acclaimed hit. A naive young tax collector (Leslie 
Cheung (ram ASHES OFTiME) screws up during acoliection run, and with nowhere to stay, 
decides hell take his chances and stay in the deserted monastery. During the dark and spooky 
evening, he meetsabeautiful woman whoenchants him. Their encounter is interupted by amad 
Taoist swordsman who telis the tax man that his new love is a ghost whose soul is trapped by a 
Tree Demon. Aided by the fierce swordsman, our trusty tax man descends into hell to fight for the 
spirit he loves. Prepare to imerse yourself in a wild journey of fantasy filled with ghosts, 
androgynous demons, kung fu, asong and fight sequence about the good and evil in the Taoist 
world, and astory of eternal love. 

FRIDAY AUGUST26TH-ACHINESE GHOST STORY, 9:45 pm-Spinning off from the popular 
storyline of another film, KUNG FU KICKBOXERhas Wong Fei-hong, the classic martial arts 
hero from Tsui Hark's ONCE UPON ATIME IN CHINA series, off on a (rip, leaving his kung fu 
school in the hands of his student, the impulsive Lau Zhai (Yuen Biao). He quickly forms allies 
with police chief Gold Panther (Yen Shi Kwan who played the fierce Iron Robe Yim in OUATIC) to 
topple art opium distribution ring lead by nasty Wah (Yuen Wan, another of Biao's classmates). 
Featuring a game of kung fu chess, the martial arts sequences are fast faced and furious as Yuen 
Biao flips and kicks with his unique, graceful! skill.